For Fun Festival 2015 Grand Finals


At Teleperformance, our main goal is build happiness from the inside out. We constantly find ways to provide opportunities where our employees can grow both personally and professionally.

Now on its 6th year, For Fun Festival – Teleperformance’s annual festival that celebrates the unique talents of our people – continues to set the stage for employees to shine and share their passion for music, dance, and art in a global scale.

Across all Teleperformance sites worldwide, Teleperformance Philippines’ talent remain as the strongest players in all the For Fun Festival categories, a proof of how dedicated and committed our employees are in pursuing not only their career advancement and professional development, but their personal passion too. Since 2010, our people have always been recognized as global champions for consistently displaying outstanding performances in each category. And it’s no different this year.

Dubbed as “Express your talent! It’s your time to be in the spotlight,” this year’s For Fun Festival has yet again seen amazing talent across all Teleperformance Philippines sites who made it to the global competition.

For the music category, Jonathan Casinares from Teleperformance Cebu competed with 27 other countries with his own rendition of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”. With his powerful and soulful singing, he captured the hearts of the judges that landed him on the most coveted spot in the competition, the 1st place. Meanwhile, DNA, a duo dance team composed of twin brothers, Charles Edward and John Alex Maravilla from Teleperformance Bacolod, was pitted against 17 countries. Their perfect synchrony and high energy level all throughout their performance left the global judges in awe, making them the 2nd place in the Dance category.

The grand prize winners per category received US$ 6,000 USD, while the second and third place winners received US$ 2,500 and US$ 1,500, respectively.

Let us congratulate all the winners in this year’s For Fun Festival.

In the past five years, Teleperformance Philippines has always brought home a trophy from the global competition may it be from dance, music, or art category. Clearly, this is a demonstration of how committed and passionate our employees are in everything they do, whether for work or for play.

Our 2015 winners will be joining the long list of Teleperformance Philippines victors we have hailed in the past years.